About Us

Hi! We are the Powerloids main providers! Currently, Ashlen is the one typing. I’ll have Lumina write soon.

As you know, my name is Ashlen. My hair is pitch black and I have red eyes. My hair covers my right eye which has permanent scar from a nasty close one. I’m about 18, and look more mature for my age. I’m apart of the guard system and labeled number twenty-five.  I have to say one of the best things about my job, was meeting Lumina and her brother/cousin Shane, who, is I do say so myself, is an amazing boyfriend!

Anyway, that’s just a little about me. There will be more when I get my personal page up and running!
I started the Powerloid Project a few days ago, and asked my friend Lumina to help. She, of course, like the amazing friend she is, agreed!

So you may be wondering “What is a powerloid?” Well! A Powerloid is an UTAUloid, or fanmade Vocaloid, who represents a certain power, weither it be emotional, or element, etc etc. Each of  the Powerloids have their own background in which they learned to attempt their power as their own.  Like, Dreadloid learned he needed to strike fear into others to get respect. Many of these Powerloids are based off of past lives, or at least mine and my personal friends are!  We are basically just a group of people getting together to have fun with UTAU and hopefully teach people something while doing so. Or at least that’s my goal! OKay, I’m talking too much! I’ll hand the keyboard over to Lumina! Love ya! Bye!

FINALLY I HAVE CONTRO- What? Fine, i will do this the right way.
Hi my name is Lumina. I am a princess next in line for the throne to the proud kingdom of Marina. I don’t have much blood family but I have many friends who act just like it. I am an orphan along with my brother/ cousin Shane, but if we would of never became what we are then we wouldn’t of meet my sis/ best friend Ash. Shane is an awesome bro but personally at times i think he can be pervy and a bit of a dumb ass (the dumb ass part in a good way). But hey who’s not? I have a tattoo on my left arm with the number 13. I have two ear piercings and lunar eyes (eyes that look like the moon and changes with it).
We hope you have a great time here on our site!

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