This is the Powerloid Projects official page! We are so glad you came!

So, basically here we are going to lay down some rules okay?

  • No bashing Powerloids
  • No making rascal songs or comments.
  • No making fun of any Powerloid, for some of their bios are based off peoples lives and or past lives.
  • You may not take our voice banks and claim them as your own

Creating a Powerloid Rules

  • Any and all Powerloids have a thirty day time to at least RECORD their voicebank. Unless spoken with me about personal problems with this time limit, the Powerloid will be taken from the list
  • Genderbends of existent Powerloids must be talked through with me before release and must have a vary in the story line, this too must be talked through with an adviser(Lumina and Ashlen)
  • No using others voice banks
    No claiming another persons Powerloid as your own, or taking credit for the Powerloid project. If you do so you shall be band, and your Powerloid will be taken off the Powerloid list
  • ¬†You MUST have a background to your Powerloid writen by YOU. No one will write the bio for you. If you ask, we will think you are not serious about your Powerloid. However, if you are not good at writing, one of the advisers will revise it for you.
  • You can also draw your Powerloid. If lumina or Ashlen offers help then you can ask her but if you freak out at her when she did your order correctly then you can not post photos.
  • You may not use parts of other Powerloid bios as your own, and you may not bash others for them. Some of the Powerloids are based off the creators lives and/or past lives and could hurt them greatly.
  • No bashing other Powerloids

General Rule:

  • Have fun!

We greatly appreciate every comment and feedback and such.

How to contact us:






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